Premier Machinery Auctions is a full service auction company specializing in the manufacturing industry


We have solutions for consignment, surplus and liquidation


Reach a global audience through one of the largest regularly scheduled consignment auctions in the Mid-West


Downsizing? Under-Utilized assets? Need to Liquidate? Contact us today for an assessment of your needs!

Simply Better Auctions

Our Industry knowledge and attention to detail will help to maximize the return on your assets

A Premier Auction Experience

We have a combined 55 years of Manufacturing and Auction experience. We will provide unparalleled expertise and the highest level of service in the Auction industry.

Upcoming Auctions

Jul 27
Robotics/Electronics and Automation

Robotics/Electronics and Automation

  •   Jul 20 @ 6:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Jul 27 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
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Robotics/Electronics and Automation

Jul 29
July Machine Tool Marketplace

July 2021 Machine Tool Marketplace

  •   Jul 15 @ 5:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Jul 29 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
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Wide Variety of Metal Working Machinery and Related Equipment.

Aug 3
Complete Mechatronics Lab

Minnesota West Community and Technical College

  •   Jul 27 @ 6:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Aug 3 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
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Complete Mechatronics Lab

Aug 10
Surplus Metal Working Machinery in MN and ND

Surplus Metalworking Machinery

  •   Aug 3 @ 6:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Aug 10 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
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Surplus Metalworking Equipment

Sep 28
Trane Technologies #3

Trane Technologies #3

  •   Sep 21 @ 6:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Sep 28 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
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Surplus to Continued Operations

September 2021 Machine Tool Marketplace

  •   Sep 16 @ 6:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Sep 30 @ 10:00am CDT (End)
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Wide Variety of Metalworking Machinery